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Originally videos were the tool of very few. As time and technology has evolved it has certainly become mainstream. The question that presents itself is what do you use video for. While engagement is very relevant today for authority and relevance scores, the entertainment value can not be dismissed as recreational. The idea behind entertaining videos as a conversation of the webmaster or website owner is more to do with engagement. The benefit if engagement is simply a signal that tells Google the contents worth. The goal is useful content that describes a happy customer in Google’s eyes. What they strive for is search results that end with a happy searcher. In other words a searcher that inputs their desired search terms, selects a result from the offered results and than travels to that website or web property and goes no where else with the same search term. That is relevance. That is a signal that benefits both Google and the web site owner with better rankings over time as the results become indexed and relied upon. The outcome then is progressively Google will serve up your website before others in that search result when they see one landing and no further searches compared to other sites that have a high bounce rate, resulting in repeated searches by the same searcher for those same keywords.

Now while this speaks to the importance of entertainment and relevance it is not the end of the conversation. Some marketing videos serve purposes that narrowly engage the user for search. Informational videos can often be of value when a searcher lands on a website on a completely different search term. In those instances the video is a product that provides a service. It now becomes of value for ranking by providing additional content that is of interest and relevant to the website and not necessarily the searched term. So relevancy can come about due to the topic or niche of the destination website and may not connect directly with the search term that was input by the searcher. Again the engagement signal here can still provide benefit to the ranking and relevancy scores of the website without it being intended for that purpose. What this shows is there is an inherited relevancy score that can come about simply through good coverage of content by means of video.

Video published for the expressed purpose of ranking is another beast all-together. There are many elements that go into a ranking video asset. The behind the scenes information are factors that are not obvious and many times not even visible. First the concept of a ranking video is created to be entertaining, informative and all the usual elements but more that that it is optimized for Google. There are code and descriptive elements that are input behind the video so to speak to allow Google to understand what the video is about. In a nutshell the more work you do to fulfill Google’s needs the easier it is for them to understand your video the better your ranking possibilities are. With this understanding the effort applied to a ranking video can be applied to all videos as a process, the only restriction is the time anyone wants to apply to the multimedia assets on their website.

A specialty I provide are reputation videos. Normally the videos seen are informational, entertainment, or marketing in nature. What I have done is to take that to another level. The usual place people get to see reputation information of a business is to navigate to the networks that specialize in the reviews given by customers of businesses. What I offer are videos that consolidate all that reputation information and remove it from the vertical networks and put them on the general web, what I call the WWW. The advantages are many. For one the ordinary review is visible only if the customer is willing to navigate into a network site that has it’s promotion as the primary focus. Then the onslaught of advertizing they have to contend with is not to be understated. My service provides a video asset that can actually rank on the open WWW. It will most certainly appear when anyone searches your business by name on the WWW. It is a highly effective way to enhance any visitors ability to see the best side of your business. Reviews are utilized in over 70% of all purchase buyer centric search. Having a professionally produced reputation video as a spokesman for your company away from the minefield embedded typical review network site can not be overlooked. Check out what we can do for you with our reputation video product and the advanced value that you can inherit for your already published rarely seen reviews

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