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So when we talk of content there are many issues that present. If you are a gifted writer you simply have an unfair advantage. If you type accurately then you again have an unfair advantage. The average business owner is far from a good writer and typist. The average,  is a person who struggles to type with out a 30% error rate and the tedium that ensues.  Again most people are not natural writers. Personally I think way faster than I type and it is a constant torture re typing mistakes. The flow of thoughts needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Having to stop and start typing over and again is a real road block. Add to that having to keep a train of thought in a topic that is technically challenging and the stress levels are all over the place.img2

So lets say you type great but are really struggling to put accurate information together that is meaningful and perceived as valuable content. You are not going to like having to forge through the process no more than the person that fights typing errors. So where is a business owner to go to solve the need for valuable,  unique,  relative content. There are no short cuts that make sense for the website owner. The reality is, it is better to have a service that incorporates the content generation in a package of other services that you need for website promotion, utilizing the help of specifically trained skilled technicians for other issues of website promotion and maintenance.

Now it is important that you have your head straight as far as expectations go. The days of brute force ranking are gone. Google is a completely different beast. What you can count on is the need to continually work your website or websites to the purpose you have as your goals. Some owners use their websites as bill boards. Others use them as stores and then again others use them for lead generation. However you go it is imperative that you have your bearings as to what is a reasonable process to accomplish those goals.

One important factor is the market you are in. The competition can vary by geo-location hugely. You must use competitive intelligence to root out the competitors that are your initial barriers. Again you have to also assess your starting point. If  for instance your website is old, say 10 years or more and you have been hit with a ton of negative reviews, well the work that faces you is far greater than the new business with no track record. Or if for instance you have no issue with reviews but you hired some SEO company that did work for you before the last rounds of Google updates. You will almost certainly have issues to undo, and hope that you have not been penalized, de-indexed or sand-boxed. Many of the tactics that were acceptable just two years ago can ruin your website today. As such the sites that ranked 1 through 10 two years ago are for the most part nowhere to be found for these exact reasons.

Correct Temperament

You must establish your starting points as far as linking, internal and external, meta data, micro formats, site maps, htaccess controls, navigation issues, site structure, mobile compatibility, local citations, accurate logistical information and the list goes on. Without knowing these things you can not set your compass. You can not set up any meaningful campaigns with out knowing intimately where you stand for all the pertinent issues facing website owners today. So as discussed earlier if you have links coming from sites that have been penalized by Google you can inherit the negative effect for no fault of your own. If you knowingly employed mass content generation and link farms you are in hot water. These issues need fixing and that is no small matter. So a thorough examination of your website and all the links internal and external are as a minimum required to establish where you stand. You may have no obvious negatives but have duplicate content as an issue and have been penalized for that alone. Well  without fixing that one issue you will never rank no matter how much money you throw at the problem. As you can see competitive intelligence is a hugely important issue in today’s market

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