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Here we are going to discuss on the topic named web design 2.0. The word web 2.0 is nothing but a form of web application. It has many features and collaboration with the World Wide Web.  We can also say that it is a new definition of Internet and the web. Web 2.0 includes AJAX, SOAP, XML and JavaScript applications which actually allow readers to interact with web pages. Web 2.0 actually shows the changing nature of the web pages and its interaction with customers. Web 2.0 is nothing but it is about making data available to the readers. It is really a combination of technologies.

What the Web Looks Like

Careful…Dont step on the drops

Web design2.0 is a great invention in the world of World Wide Web. It provides many unique features to the web designers. Today many web sites like MySpace, Face book wikis, blogs, are productive web shots of web 2.0. It is an advanced form of World Wide Web. It is a business revolution in the computer industry. It is quite different from web 1.0. Web 1.0 has not more versatile features like web 2.0. The major differences between web 1.0 and web 2.0 are as follows:

  1. Web 1.0 has static web pages and it cannot be changed simultaneously where as web 2.0 has dynamic web pages where new data’s are updated regularly. We can fetch different data on web 2.0 but the web page which is designed by web 1.0 we cannot fetch different data.
  2. With the help of web 1.0 we cannot design interactive web site but with the help of web 2.0 we can design or redesign interactive and attractive web site and also dynamic web site.
  3. With the help of web 1.0 any one can download data but he or she will not be able to see the actual process that how the application works and how it changes but with the help of web 2.0 user can download data and also can see the process that how it is performed and how it changes because it is an open source program and web 1.0 is not a open source program. Web 2.0 is more advanced version of World Wide Web and web 1.0.

Features of Web 2.0:

1.It provides dynamic view of web site. Any user can own data on the web site and can control over the data.

2. It is user friendly and provides support of new technology like AJAX, XML, Flex programming, SOAP etc.

3. It gives modern fonts, bright colors, 3d effect, in web design and logo design.

4. It gives power of strong navigation. We can easily simplify our navigation by using web 2.0 technologies.

5. Web 2.0 provides facility of high powerful logo design. A web 2.0 design is simple design. It refers to an actual style of web design and logo design and also of graphic design.

As time progresses and technologies evolve it is clear that more is better. More control, more fidelity, more graphical elements, more compatibility etc. In real practice some design technologies are more or less applicable to a particular website deployment and as such with more choices begets an environment requiring specialized knowledge and skills that would be impractical to expect the average business owner to master. There is a need for skilled, professional intervention so that effort, time and monies are spent most efficiently even though we may remember the days when a simple website was easy to deploy, we must temper these recolections against the fabric of what it takes to rank websites today and the ultimate reason behind wanting to do that, customers…leads

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