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What are the aims and objectives of creating a social media strategy?

  • You should be concentrating on the ability to target and reaching your target audience
  • You should also employ LinkedIn
  • You should also employ Tumblr
  • You should employ other social media sites as well
  • You should understand social media in detail first before taking the plunge.

How could a social media strategy help a company attract customers and increase sales?

With all the recent updates at Google, the values that determine success for your business enterprise on the WWW has never focused  on social media as strongly as it does now. The scale of social media is beyond the intent of this article, but suffice it to say you could consume books instead of articles to cover the intricacies and and issues surrounding, not only the administration of social media accounts, but the effects of different types of social media accounts on your business portfolio.

Some social media networks are real trendy places. Fickle issues and absurd displays rule the herd. This generalization only serves to demonstrate that you don’t want just any social media. However, you do want several accounts across many networks. Think of it like the wagon wheel of the old west. The hub, your website and all the social media accounts you commit to develop for your social media campaign as the spokes surrounding the hub. Add to that, now you can have two wheels on one axle and another hub that serves as a place to link all those 2nd wheel spokes to,  that is not your website. It is a property you control and it is the place from which you link from the second wheel to the hub or internal pages of the first wheel,  which again happens to be your website.  This is a famous configuration based on the latest algorithm changes at Google.

The idea is you do not want to place tons of links to your site all the sudden and then not keep it going. So artificial methods are not sustainable unless you have endless money to throw at the traffic of inbound links you will need to look authentic. With that said 99% of businesses will die a terrible WWW death if they go down the artificial method with out the long vision to understand how easy it is for Google to “Tag” your site as Black hat or something like it because of the easy to detect “SEO footprint”. The truly only effective path remaining,  is to use the second wheel, link to your site and your first wheel spokes sporadically,  but constantly. While this only describes the most basic method of social media it does however demonstrate the need to understand what social media is and how it is no longer a link fest method, once deployed and you win. Today if you do anything that looks artificial you will almost certainly loose.

Now there are many social media networks that allow you to target your prospective audience. These are the accounts you want. It is clear the popular Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin etc are main stays. The issues of managing the different accounts is yet another layer to social media.  After you create the structural road map so to speak, and you have in mind the type of campaign you want, you now get exposed to the complexities of terms of service issues specific to each social media account as well as the best practices for each. It can become a nightmare to try and get you head around how much detail gets consumed to simply create the structure of all these accounts before you even do a single social media thing.

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