Mobile Websites

Mobile formatted website is really important nowadays as you want to let your customer have the ability to access your website at their convenience. With the advances of technology, it is now likely your next potential customer is going to look for you from a mobile device. Consider social networks Twitter and Facebook, these websites mobile compatible,  formatted to make mobile access easy from any mobile device.By having mobile website you have just giver your website a huge advantage over your competitors.  Not only does Google give ranking preference to mobile compatible websites, your advantages don’t end with just rankings. The ability for prospective customers to reach you from anywhere, while mobile, provides you have an extra edge over your competitors that have yet to implement a mobile website. In essence  you have an additional channel to sell your products, and lastly customers love price comparisons; and by giving that capability to your customer, when they are in the purchase mode, improves your chances are they will choose to buy the product from you primarily because they were able to reach your website, easily, with their mobile phone.

Additionally, your business ROI will increase simply by using a mobile website. The potential customers are more likely to make a purchase from mobile search than traditional desktop search. With around 75 million people just in US having the capabilities of mobile browsing, you have just opened the flood gates to unprecedented traffic potential  and in turn higher profits for the yourself into the future, that forecasters claim will see double digit growth in mobile for the next 5 years and beyond, globally.

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