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Back just a few years, it was possible to rank websites by brute force. Tons of artificially made content, usually unreadable, sent to article directory sites drove links back to a website designated by an embedded link on that content. Sounds simple enough, and the coders had a field day with it. There were programs created to create thousands of articles, and thousands of links with the push of button. Ping the articles and links would start doing their magic. Sites gained ranking and SEO {Search Engine Optimization}, firms exploded on the scene. Everyone who understood this became an overnight expert. They sold clients, local businesses on services that were dedicated content spamming operations.

While the rules were understood, Google was not able to do anything about these tactics at first. There were war clouds on the horizon. If you were truly engaged as an SEO professional you knew it was not going to last.  Those service providers,  interested only in money now, mislead local businesses into a soon to be fiasco.  Reel the clock forward to today and what you have is a Google, exceptionally equipped to root out spam articles, able to detect duplicate content, able to understand content of videos with no help from meta data and the list goes on. If you and your website got caught with your hand in the spamming cookie jar you saw your sites get penalized, sand-boxed, and even de-indexed. Minimum spans for these penalties are to the tune of 6 months to permanent.

Imagine having your marque website banned, sand-boxed or de-indexed, all because Google is a profit machine. Anything that interferes with that profit mechanism will get found out and dealt with. Concern for hardship or expenses tolled are non-existent, implementing tactics that are today out of alignment with Google’s business model will cost you dearly. Many Fortune 500 companies got caught up in this fray, loosing all rankings overnight. Visit any of these sites and they often had 100,000 plus links all coming from paid services that basically were publishing spam content on behalf of these huge entities to drive back-links.

How Can Google Accomplish This ?? 

Consider these factoids of Google as of early 2012

  • Google employs over 5000 engineers
  • Google is the largest employer of Doctoral Specialists
  • Google has over 40 Developer Offices worldwide
  • Google has over 100 Engineers managing just the Source Code
  • Google has over 2000 Active Projects
  • 120 million tests run daily
  • 20 changes per minute per day per week
  • 40 Updates per engineer per week
  • 50% source code changed every month
  • Source Code doubled in size in 2010
  • Average server cluster has 10,000 CPUs and 50 Terabytes Memory and 1 Petabyte of Disk Cache

What is the average Joe to do???

More than ever you need a resource that has intimate knowledge in the categories of Google, Onsite and Offsite SEO, as well as Multimedia Production and Promotion, as well as Social Media, Web 2.0, and Mobile. You can no longer simply publish content, even great content, and have that work.  There has to be engagement, relevance and authority. You can not succeed if you create a footprint that looks like you are invoking SEO. They do not want you to rank because you want to rank for your benefit. They are only concerned with rankings that help promote add revenue, that assure people to click on links that get Google paid.

This is the rub. You are being squeezed into a form of compliance that makes it almost impossible for the average business to manage their website and do the required daily work. A compliance workload that includes continuous publishing, continuous promotion and the endless housekeeping tasks that conform to Google in such a way that optimization is achieved and the Google beast does not know it happened. That is the lay of the land as it is today.

Thank God there is SEO Tactical LLC

When all these issues are tallied, it is easy to see something other than brute force tactics are needed. That is why competitive intelligence is so much a component of the type of SEO that will never get banned and will give the owners of businesses an able chance to rank for the keywords of their choice, even if it does not serve up Google paid adds and create Google revenue. SEO Tactical LLC is a firm, dedicated to leading, not following trends.  The mass opinion effect ruins most SEO agencies from delivering truly long lived results in the assert ranking space. Where ranking domains and websites  are the primary focus of most agencies, the owners, proprietors of businesses are funneled down a treacherous path without even knowing it. We at  SEO Tactical see that ranking marquis web properties is today riddled with vulnerabilities that did not exist just a handful of years ago. You can not do this on your own. You need expert knowledge, expert understanding and a service that knows intimately when Google changes the rules and to understand what those changes mean. We at SEO tactical pride ourselves on laying the pathways that endure the onslaught of Google updates and changes in the terms of service, changes that have almost, all,  happened abruptly with no ability for businesses affected to respond in-time to prevent ranking and syndicated damage.
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